The Experience


The vision of Roman Body Massage Therapy is to offer the best massage in a setting that will relax the body, mind, and soul. I use only the finest products, natural in their composition, allowing guests to indulge their senses, enhance their well-being, and restore inner balance. Therapies range from Sports Muscle Recovery to Post-Travel Renewal.  My home studio is place of quiet contemplation and self discovery, where I will lead you on a journey into deeper realms of mind, body, and spiritual wellness.


The benefits of massage therapy are significantly unique for each person. For that reason, I strive through knowledge and intuition to individualize my work for each client, utilizing a combination of the following techniques:  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki Energy Therapy, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Breath Therapy, Stretching, and Hot Towel Treatment. For those who want to indulge in a sensory experience that will leave your body feeling relaxed and your skin feeling renewed, I also offer Body Mud Therapy, or a Salt Glow Treatment. Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Treatments, Hot Stone Massage and Bottled Water are complimentary and are offered to each client to enhance the session.

Studio Environment

My private studio possesses a tranquility that is calming to your soul. The temperature is regulated to ensure your warmth and comfort. The lighting is minimum with the flicker of candlelight to connect with your spirit. The music I select harmonizes in the background enhancing your inner peace. The sound of water reminiscent of a flowing stream echoes from several fountains that I have placed throughout. My studio is immaculate and clean.

Product Selection

My product selection is based on ingredients that are safe, natural, and environmentally friendly.  I have a variety of products available to use in my sessions, so that clients have a choice on what is applied to their bodies – from Massage Creme that is Hypoallergenic, to Massage oil that is natural and infused with an aroma of your choice, or neutral for those who do not like scents. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Peppermint are some of the aromatherapy that you have the opportunity to experience if you so choose. If you are allergic to a particular oil, lotion, or scent I will find a product that works for you.  Regardless of whether I use Lotion, Creme, or Oil, all product is wiped off each client with fresh steaming towels directly out of the hot towel cabinet.  In addition, you are welcome to shower or rinse afterwards.  Fresh linens, towels and blankets are available for your comfort as well as privacy.


I use the power of my body weight to apply pressure through my fingers, palms of my hands, forearms, and elbows. I like to balance this along with long flowing strokes to create a natural progression in my work that allows your body to relax and achieve harmony and rejuvenation. For those who are athletes or require deeper work, please rest assured that I can accommodate you. I have the strength and knowledge to work your muscles deep without leaving your body feeling beaten down and sore afterwards. My balanced blend approach allows me to successfully manipulate the deeper tension while at the same time relax your whole body. Hot steaming towels directly from my hot towel cabinet will be applied to your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and feet, adding a dimension of healing and relaxation simultaneously.

Breath work

Since ancient time cultures around the world have known of the profound benefits of breathing and the magical effects it has on the body, mind, and the soul.  Not only does it sustain human life, but it can bring about HUGE BENEFITS if used correctly. The average person takes in shallow breaths and has no idea how to control their breathing in order to relax and clear their mind. With Conscious Breath work, I coach you in rhythmic breathing to energize your body, to release energetic and emotional blocks, and to allow you to reach deep inner peace. I incorporate breath work into all my sessions. Deep Breathing, tandem breathing with a partner, and chanting ‘ohms’ are various methods to enhance your breathing experience.  Actually being aware of your breath is central to athletics, from running, biking, yoga, and even meditation, as it allows one to become more centered, focused, and present.