Spring Fever

The weather this week has been incredible. Warm temps, blue skies, and a breeze welcoming Spring with open arms seems to be what the Doctor has ordered for us in Houston. While in College, a day like this led many of us to develop “spring fever” and head down to Lake Travis or Barton Springs and enjoy the warm sun. Spring Time in Austin, while attending the University of Texas was an experience that isn’t hard to forget. Loading my books into my backpack, along with some sunscreen, and heading to the shores where I would study many afternoons along the blue waters of Lake Travis is something that I meditate on many days.

While you may or may not have the opportunity to spend much time outdoors during the afternoon hours this week, it is possible that you may be able to take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing massage. Let your mind take you on a journey as you lie on my table. Imagine yourself outdoors, walking on your favorite path as the warm sun shines down upon you, your mind clear of any distractions, your breath guiding you into pure relaxation. As you breathe in, feel the warmth of the sun penetrate the crown of your head, down your neck, and along your spine. Tension will begin to melt away as you let go with a sigh of relief. In the background you will hear flowing water from one of my fountains, symbolic of a stream up ahead, birds chirp from a sound machine in the background, creating the perfect scenario for you to experience your Spring Journey.

If the description above sounds like something that you would like to experience, then you are only a phone call away from beginning your own Spring Adventure. Guided meditations are something that I am beginning to offer as a way to set the stage for your relaxation. These meditations can be done for 15-30 minutes before we begin the massage as a way to prepare your body and mind to let go. If meditation is something that you would like to see me offer more of as a service please feel free to give me your feedback, as I am contemplating offering this as an additional treatment option at various lengths ranging from half hour meditative sessions to 1 hour sessions followed by either a Reiki Treatment, or Massage.

My goal is to provide a sanctuary for you to connect with your spirit. Through my various massage services, I will lead you on a path filled with balance and relaxation. Just as Spring brings renewal to each and everyone of us as we leave Winter behind, my massage session will bring both peace and relaxation to your whole being. Have a blessed day.


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